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Right. Let’s cut straight through the usual design firm bulls&%@

Here’s what the other firms hate to admit. Website “development” is a waste of money for all but a few businesses.

Back in the good old days websites took lots of custom coding, designing and were generally hard work. Then WordPress came along, it’s currently running 17% of the websites on the internet and it’s only gaining market share. It’s a complete solution for most businesses to get online and doing business. It’s so easy you could do it yourself; many do. But that would take you, at a guess, 2 weeks to learn the ins and outs and get something functional. Explode can do it in about 10 hours.

We charge on average $400 + GST for most of the new websites we setup. Chances are two weeks of your time is worth more┬áthan that. Also minimising the setup cost, means you’ll have plenty of budget left to do the much more important work: Getting your message clear, and in front of purchasers.

Also there’s no need to spend heaps getting it looking the way you want. That’s taken care of by WordPress Themes, simply find one you like and then customize it to suit your brand. Please make sure you choose one that’s responsive (so that it looks good on mobile).

Now that said, if you’re after more you might be interested in our Sales Robots, custom built artificially intelligent business running software.