How to Internet

01 The setup

Want this done for you? Buy this

Step 1. Buy a Domain Name

First find one that isn’t already taken, you can check it in the box below.

That’s the that will be your home base on the internet. and .com are the originals but there are new combos coming out all the time, aim to keep it short and unmistakable.

Once you’ve decided, buy it and hosting package from your favourite hosting company, or if that sounds like a lot of work and you just want this done for you? Buy this.

Step 2. Get the correct name servers filed on your domain (this will probably happen automatically)

Step 3. Add hosting package to your acccount with hosting company

Step 4. Add WordPress

Step 5. Make sure SSL is working

Step 6. Add woocommerce, and other plugins

Step 7. Install storefront theme and customize, get logo uploaded

Step 8. Configure payment gateway (probably Stripe)

Step 9. Train staff to add/edit products

Step 10. Congratulations you’re selling online

How to Internet

02 Email

You’ll need yourself an email address.

You’ll want to gather other peoples email addresses

  • Mailchimp intergration

You’ll want to send them relevant information and become their friend

  • Mailchimp
  • Messanger
How to Internet

03 The Socials

You can lose so much time on social networks, and it’s very much a case of you get what you pay for. But for now setup Facebook, Instagram and start making friends.

Don’t be a spammy, annoying prick.

Be human, let your personality show, prepare to be judged, have a thick skin.

Connect Facebook so you can use pixel for advertisements

How to Internet

04 Getting Paid

Your website really is your cash register online, so hopefully by now you’ve got Stripe setup and are expecting your first payout.

Now consider how else you would like to get paid.

Added products with multiple pricing options

Maybe get the subscriptions plugin setup whilst your at it.

Consider Paypal, Afterpay, Partpay and Finance

How to Internet

05 SEO

Step 1. Connect Google Analytics

Step 2. Generate Google Sitemap, and load into Search Console